Give yourself a chance

1 Heart Net has the primary goal to promote creative talents who desire to be shown and to be known by viewers all over the world. We store and file each artistic footage/clip, that will be submitted from performing individuals.

What about

The video clips will be assembled in a TV show format by category, and will be inserted in time slots in a non-stop 24h a day programming shedule.

Why 1 Heart Net

It`s today`s one and only social network in the world which focuses on the promotion of each individual talent, through its live recorded programming. All clips, with no exceptions, will be granted the entry into 1HN and television viewing schedule.

To anyone from anywhere

We have an open door for everyone to be evaluated and voted by the public`s LIKE/CLICKS. We confirm that in our community there are no judges, and if voted, each one will have the opportunity to become famous . At the end of the year, the top ten most viewed artists of each category will receive the 1HN award.